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  • 27 Aug 2019 3:27 PM | Kim Fantaci (Administrator)

    Forty court professionals recently were honored for receiving national recognition as certified court managers.


  • 26 Aug 2019 5:00 PM | Kim Fantaci (Administrator)

    The Ohio Supreme Court will accept public comments until Oct. 25 on proposed amendments to the Rules of Superintendence that would require counties with multiple municipal or county courts to adopt a uniform bail bond schedule.


  • 26 Aug 2019 8:58 AM | Kim Fantaci (Administrator)

    Nine years ago, Judge John Kolesar brought hope to the Sandusky County courts with the implementation of a specialized docket. Now, he has a new HOPE – honesty, openness, participation, and engagement – as part of a re-branding for his two specialty courts.


  • 22 Aug 2019 4:16 PM | Kim Fantaci (Administrator)

    Ohio high schools can now get a front-row seat to how the Ohio Supreme Court operates, without even visiting Columbus. The Court’s Civic Education Section recently unveiled “Under Advisement: Ohio Supreme Court Cases on Demand.”


  • 21 Aug 2019 2:54 PM | Kim Fantaci (Administrator)

    In an eleventh hour amendment, lawyers were singled out, and come 2020, will be facing a significant tax increase as they will no longer be able to claim the state Business Income Deduction or "BID." Established in 2013, the BID has allowed those deriving income from any pass-through entity (LLCs, LLPs, etc.) to pay no tax on the first $250,000 of their income and to pay a flat 3% on any income above that threshold. Meanwhile, other similarly-situated professionals were not impacted by this change and will continue to be able to use the BID. 

    The Ohio State Bar Association has begun a grassroots campaign to address this law. Recognizing that there is strength in numbers, the OSBA has spoken with practitioners across the state from firms of all sizes, as well as leaders in other bar associations, including the OWBA, to form a coalition and build a network of support for reform. 

    The Ohio Women's Bar Association supports the Ohio State Bar Association in its effort to address this law. The OWBA Board of Trustees has approved and adopted a resolution in support of the OSBA, which can be viewed here

    If you would like to get involved with the OSBA's work, we encourage you to visit its website, where you can learn more about its efforts and download a toolkit with communications for your state senator and representative. 

  • 21 Aug 2019 1:41 PM | Kim Fantaci (Administrator)

    Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has announced the appointment of Patricia Sanders to serve as a judge on the Lawrence County Probate and Juvenile Court.


  • 20 Aug 2019 1:29 PM | Kim Fantaci (Administrator)

    At the Palace Theatre in Marion, you see a charm that’s often overlooked throughout Ohio. Inside the beautiful building, you hear about an ugly truth of how drugs have stigmatized communities across the state, but also, about the good being done by those impacted by the epidemic.


  • 13 Aug 2019 1:00 PM | Kim Fantaci (Administrator)

    Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor welcomed judges and staff from as far away as Alaska, Hawaii, Albania, Ukraine, and Australia to Ohio and the annual Conference of Court Public Information Officers.


  • 09 Aug 2019 11:50 AM | Kim Fantaci (Administrator)

    The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct has issued four advisory opinions in response to requests for advice.


  • 06 Aug 2019 2:25 PM | Kim Fantaci (Administrator)

    The Ohio Board of Professional Conduct has filed eight disciplinary case reports with the Supreme Court of Ohio. Each report recommends discipline for an attorney charged with professional misconduct.

    The parties can file objections to the Board’s report and recommendation with the Supreme Court. If objections are filed, the case will be scheduled for oral argument. No oral argument is scheduled in reinstatement proceedings, and objections are not permitted in a case submitted upon consideration of a consent-to-discipline agreement.

    The linked Supreme Court case numbers below go to case information, including the Board’s reports and recommendations.

    Butler County

    Disciplinary Counsel v. Matthew Gilbert Bruce
    Supreme Court Case No. 2019-1076
    Recommended sanction: One-year suspension, stayed

    Cuyahoga County

    Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association v. Mark Mariotti
    Supreme Court Case No. 2018-1579
    Recommended sanction: One-year suspension, stayed

    Franklin County

    Disciplinary Counsel v. Terrence Kensley Scott
    Supreme Court Case No. 2018-1435
    Recommended sanction:  Six-month suspension, stayed

    Fairfield County

    Disciplinary Counsel v. John Ivor Peters
    Supreme Court Case No. 2019-1074
    Recommended sanction: One-year suspension, stayed

    Lucas County

    Disciplinary Counsel v. Anthony Perin Spinazze
    Supreme Court Case No. 2019-1075
    Recommended sanction: Six-month suspension

    Mahoning County

    Mahoning County Bar Association v. Martin Edward Yavorcik
    Supreme Court Case No. 2019-1086
    Recommended sanction: Two-year suspension, six months stayed; credit for time served pursuant to interim felony suspension

    Richland County
    Disciplinary Counsel v. Robert Goldberger (consent-to-discipline)
    Supreme Court Case No. 2019-1077
    Recommended sanction: Public reprimand

    Wood County

    Toledo Bar Association v. Peter Frederick Field & Dan Martin Weiss (consent-to-discipline)
    Supreme Court Case No. 2019-1081
    Recommended sanction: Public reprimand for each respondent.

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