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Goals and Objectives

The goal of the Mentoring Circles Program is to improve the participation and satisfaction of mentors and mentees over the previous mentoring program, which matched mentors and mentees one-to-one.  Mentors are practicing attorneys.  Mentees are law students.  The program is state-wide. L1& L2 students will have a preference.

Ratio – Each Mentoring Circle will consist of 1-3 mentors to 8-12 mentees.

Meetings – Meetings are bi-monthly and are organized by the mentors. Meetings will take place during the school year only (November – May), for a total of 4 meetings.  Meetings are intended to be informal.

Time of meetings – The scheduling of the meetings will be dictated by what time works best for the group.  The length of the meetings will also be dictated by the group.

Topics – Mentors are responsible for selecting and facilitating a topic for each of the three meetings.  Mentors can invite guest speakers.

Flexibility –An OWBA event could be substituted for a meeting (eg, attend Leading with Style as a group).

Location – Mentors could decide to hold all meetings at the same location, or decide to move locations as part of the planning process.

Communication – The group can communicate via email list, google group or other electronic means.  The group can use this means of communication to invite one another to “outside events” (eg, court appearances, professional events, community events, law school events).

Leadership – One mentor should be identified or selected as the leader responsible for communications and insuring compliance with requirements/set schedule. 


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