Mentoring Program

The OWBA Mentoring Circles provide the benefit of cross-generational learning and experience sharing through co-mentoring. Co-mentoring has the advantage of creating a mutually beneficial relationship where each participant serves as both the mentor and the mentee, and encourage one another to grow personally and professionally.

In the co-mentoring program, circles will include attorneys at different stages of their career as well as law students. This composition acknowledges that law students, recent graduates, mid-level attorneys and more senior-level attorneys all have something to contribute and to learn from one another. For example, recent graduates have the best perspective to share with law students on selecting classes, job search strategy, starting a legal career. More senior-level attorneys can counsel mid-level attorneys on making career transitions. Attorneys of all levels and backgrounds can gain insight from one another regarding emerging trends in the practice of law and tips on how to succeed in leadership roles. The goal is to take the mentoring experience beyond just networking, and beyond just advising law students, and instead create an opportunity for building long-term relationships, sharing perspectives across a more diverse group of participants, and fostering career development for all, regardless of where you are in your career.

2021 Mentoring Circles will be organized by where mentees/mentors live and work, however, there will be opportunities to connect with other circles from throughout the State. 

2021 Program Details:

  • Circles will meet as small-groups between February-May 2021.
  • Statewide Virtual Mentoring Events will take place in March, April, and May 2021 exclusively for mentors and mentees.
  • Circles will be formed with a diverse group of lawyers and law students with various years of practice and practice areas
  • Circles will collaborate on meeting times, location (virtual or safe, social-distanced in-person meetings), and meeting topics.

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